What are you listening to right now?


loooove it


Rolo Tomassi


just remember thinking of them as a screamo band in like 2008 when I had no interest in that kind of thing, they still exist though don’t they and have loads going on



oh what a lovely song.


A Thousand Leaves

The guitar interplay on ‘Karen Koltrane’, maaaaaan


Oof not keen on that at all. Album from a couple of years ago was good


my housemate at the time put them on in our basement circa 2007, I didn’t go and see them




North West Fashion show is aceeeeeee! Hanley’s bass line builds menacingly throughout. And I agree about swapping in the alternate version of Bonkers. I’m not familiar with Zappa’s original but I don’t mind I’m Not Satisfied. Not sure that I necessarily agree that the album is a bit “one note”, I feel tracks here have a fair amount of punch / bite with a fair amount of urgency running throughout the album that maybe wavers towards the back half of the record. Have you given all of the Pre-Release Rough mixes a listen?


ah i quite enjoy the album (even if i can see why people found it weak), just meant that they stick to a pretty similar sound/template throughout most of it apart from those couple of tracks that i think make a nice counterpoint. haven’t got round to the rough mixes as i listened to a snippet of one or two and they didn’t sound that different, so skipped straight to the alternate versions of Bonkers and One Day at the end. worth a listen?


Not really, the tracks are more or less just a bit rougher round the edges and haven’t been as tampered with I guess. Along with the alternative versions of Bonkers and One Day, I’d give the interview with MES & Brix on the bonus disc, I listen though. There’s the odd fascinating and humorous anecdote!



good shout, @Icarus-Smicarus, this is a gorgeous thing

(track is ‘The Shepherd Dogs are Calling’ off the new A Hawk and a Hacksaw - dunno why it isn’t showing as a proper link. @sean? @1101010? )




did I post this recently? well I’m posting it again. I think it’s my favourite DI tune now. hard to put into words just how special it is.

it’s like… the way they assembled their sounds and melodies, somehow it sounds like nobody else. it has a distinct feeling of time and place, a depth and resonance that I’ve rarely heard anything close to.

it sounds like those times in life when you feel completely lucid and awake, truly existing in the present, a translucent vector through your personal space time

(sorry. I drafted this yesterday and never managed to make it, y’know… articulate. but I do love this song so much)


fallen so deeply for this guy’s music in recent times.


Got the latest Eric Chenaux on, by god it is dreamy… like properly dream-like in the way it is disjointed and odd, conjures things you can’t quite grasp and pulls at unfulfilled desires…

Have you heard this one yet, @incandenza?


not yet, although I was aware there was a new one…

I’ve got Skullsplitter on right now. incredible record. there’s nothing else that sounds quite like it. I think I told you I saw him live? might have played recently too, think I missed him :frowning:

but yeah… I don’t listen to it nearly enough. looking forward to giving this new one a spin, as it were.