What are you listening to right now?


Paul White just released a new one: sort psych-funk, all played live, no samples. Nice:



do you like the trembling bells? If so have you listened to the alex rex album from last year?
Reckon you would like one or both of those acts


repeatedly listening to a piece of my own music and trying to figure out if it’s finished


love a bit of Faust


I just added all their albums on Spotify to my playlist for things I wanna listen to the other day, actually.

I think I’ve heard a few songs, but I’ve been meaning to get deeper into them because I know they’re proper legit folkies. missed them live at gigs my friend’s put on a few times :frowning:

Alex Rex, then?


listening to a bunch of mininalism while working

what’s you guys’ favourite philip glass piece/pieces?


I was meaning to get deep into Glass. there were all those reissues either last year or the year before?

but I had the albums on my hard drive, and I can’t access that rn.

I saw Einstein on the Beach on… either Sky Arts or BBC 4, though. that was pretty great.


I’ve watched a few hours of Einstein on the Beach - watched some other stuff and came back it to it while it was on once, it’s like 5 hours long

I don’t really know a huge amount about him, listened to a fair few bits and bobs, never properly got into him though


that’s p. much what I did. I was really taken by what I saw, though

have a go with these


odd listening to this in a good mood. but it’s one of the finest songs ever put to tape. and life-affirming.


that’s a lot!

probably should have started a music board thread about it instead of posting it here, but oh well



He’s your man from trembling bells. His record reminded me a bit of the Richard Dawson one, liked it a lot


New Yo La Tengo again. Seeing them on Tuesday!!! :heart:



I keep thinking I should get into Philip Glass, and this is probably a good way. Buying the Steve Reich 5-CD (or so) retrospective for under a tenner was such a good shout (even though the disc with one of my favourite pieces doesn’t load on my laptop for some reason)


yeah that set is good. which disc is your favourite?


because it’s 05:25


always go to shrewbie for recommendations