What are you listening to right now?


loving this off the Jean Grae record you recommended


This song (Setec - Cotton Bones) is easily my favourite of the year so far. Some kind of mystical forest creatures singing by a camp fire. Maybe.


This song is just a rewrite of sweater song, but I still love it a lot



Really enjoying this lately for some reason, hated it when I first heard it but it’s been in my head for three days now



This lovely version of this lovely track


This is fun.


yeah, love this so much. thanks for the reminder :slight_smile: just sitting in Piccadilly Gardens before a shift at ten. perfect balmy evening music.


we’re all listening to divers today waheyyyy


Not a fan of these lads but they’re somehow everywhere at the minute


I think it’s down to lots of targeted Facebook ads and then the buzz that accompanies a local band being signed to a relatively large label, because most of their stuff isn’t too great. Have you heard the song that literally has the lyrics ‘the last record you bought for me/was in the aeroplane over the sea’? Pretty questionable stuff


Favourite song on the new album


i’ve tried not to listen to them too much, i’m sure they’re nice lads and all but every time i hear them i feel like i’m trapped at a Battle of the Bands show.



if now’s not the right time for a bit of dub then when is?


best thing he ever did


Stuck on Dawnwalker again. Still great.