What are you listening to right now?


Fair dues to my dad who’s reading a book on the other side of the room and didn’t mention I was listening to Shabazz Palaces with the headphones not properly plugged in till the first track was finished


forgot how good this one is too



growing on meeee


I actually think this is my favourite drone album. it feels reductive to call it that, really… it’s so gorgeously melodic in a really subtle way.

feels like a less traumatised version of Tim Hecker. suffused with sunshine and the scent of roses.

who else likes droney stuff? listen to this right now.


ahhhh srsly

@AphexTwinkletoes you a fan??


Never heard it but imma give it a listen now :slight_smile:


it sounds like Tim Hecker in love, if I had to reduce it to an epithet


Sold! Opener is lovely - reminds me of Black Sea era Fennesz with those bright hazy harmonies.


ahh yeah, I’d say Fennesz is probs the closest comparison actually. but like… this goes unabashedly for prettiness whereas as CF kind of maintains a little bit more distance.

but this goes so deep into prettiness that it’s kind of heartbreaking.


Yeah those string swells on the second track are much cleaner than what you get with Fennesz. Had literally just finished listening to The Field when I saw your post so timing is ideal.



Listening to this album for the first time in, fuck, must be about 8 years.

I didn’t expect to enjoy it, but I am. It’s good.


Having put forward a Seefeel album in the IDM club thingy thread, it led me to this album from ex-Seefeeler that I remember being really into back in my undergraduate days

Kind of like what I feel like Slowdive would’ve sounded like if they’d carried on straight after Pygmalion


nice kind of half awake feeling


Was obsessed by MVH back in 2011. Never clocked that he was ex-seefeel. Figures.


I want to dance around crazily whenever I listen to this. Shame I am on a train.


So, so, so shit. But fuck me, it’s a right old laugh.


Have you all joined in the music forum vote of your favourite albums? Here are mine



I can’t decide if this lot are the best thing since sliced bread, or a descent into absolute hell where all music sounds like the Jesus and Mary Chain covered by Las Ketchup.