What are you listening to right now?


I’ll keep an eye out.


yeah these are good


reckon if natural snow buildings had released less music they would have been a lot bigger, too much stuff for attention to coalesce around any one release, this one is from a bonus album that came with a proper album


Visuals on repeat.
My fave Mew album from the lads from Denmark


Despite my my doubts about Bandersnatch, it had some good songs in it


Tom Vek - Aroused



I enjoyed Ryuichi Sakamoto’s album async, and that’s encouraged me to listen again to Fennesz’s AUM soundtrack (which features some of his collaborations with R.S.). It’s the only Fennesz album I own (I got a review copy, reader!) and that definitely should not be the case, should it?



Strange Ranger - Rot Forever. The best album of 2016 and a top ten of the decade candidate.



never heard of this dude before but this is exactly the kind of stuff I like


can we get a new thread for people to just post random songs in

this one’s too long






Sultry banger alert:


someone posted this in a Broadcast fan group on Facebook

it’s really nice


Just stumbled across this surfing bandcamp. Best name.


I am in a historic pub in Leith, sipping a fine ale and reading a chapter of War & Peace. Montell Jordan’s This Is How We Do It is currently on the playlist.