What are you listening to right now?


knew they were from here but actually don’t think i’ve heard of that village tbqh. feel like i should


Been listening to the new Feelies album a fair bit this week.


happy Brexit



Should also be in the ‘songs you can listen to over and over again’ thread.


hey guys, I’ve discovered some stone cold killers through this thread, so feel free to add to this collab spotify playlist I made:




the very best kind of hippy nonsense



I second this opinion. love those guys.


there’s this cheap, greasy spoon asian place near work where you go for laksa or noodles or the like - generally not busy, and you sit in silence by yourself scoffing the food - everyday this plays, without fail


chaining ambient stuff.

had those two Klara Lewis albums on, ‘Ett’ and ‘Too’, the latter of which is especially nice:

now I’m listening to the new Bing & Ruth:

which is real nice, huh.


(I’m finding not trying to put how music makes me feel into hyperspecific synaesthetic words to be a relief. just letting it bypass the language centre.)


oh, and this off my favourite ambient record ever, maybe.


“tuned air”, in his own words, apparently. it really is that gorgeous.



I’ve barely seen anyone else talk about Chris Herbert before :+1: he’s easily one of my favourite ambient artists I actually ended up buying this after seeing him at Supersonic back in 2009 where I went in with very little prior knowledge about his music and left a fan.


ahh neat! yeah, I only know him because I’ve nerded out on the Kranky back-catalogue - he seems badly underappreciated for how good his music is, especially with the rise in popularity of drone and ambient within indie circles in the last decade.


Music doesn’t really get better than this tbh


Really digging this band Holy Fawn at the mo!


been “spinning” Beautiful Rewind a few times this week