What are you listening to right now?


really nice album, this. warm but not saccharine.


pretty sure Sepultura are the coolest band of all time



this is one of the all-time most beautiful songs, and I must ask that you all take five minutes to let your hearts ache to it.






Fucking dreams by Fleetwood Mac cos it’s on in this cafe. Bored shitless by rumours these days. It’s everywhere. Is this what the 70s were like?


those drums!



Would be great if there was a button that turned all of these links into a mini playlist at the side / bottom of the screen - like, lifted them from youtube/vimeo/whatever


Right back in the saddle, more music to bug y’all with
Did I post this yet
Probably but deserves a repost in case


I have work at 9 jfc


For your heroic effort of wakefulness I’m tuning into dramarama


That was good. Sounds like it could do with a remaster though, unless it’s my headphones iPad interface


you know who were really good

Culture Club


New HORSE LORDS MIXTAPE :upside_down:

“heavy recommend” for anybody interested in jamming the fuck out



The other day asthmatic kitty released a live film of carrie and lowell live, and it’s really good
Deffo one for yer @colon_closed_bracket and @AphexTwinkletoes


Been vibing on the live album recently :+1: Will check out the film :slight_smile: