What are you listening to right now?


Ah nice one. Will watch this :slight_smile:




Hello someone (not entirely sure who) said come back on facebook but I don’t have much to say about music anymore. BUT I did almost die about three weeks ago so I have a lot of sweet time off work in mild discomfort and with low energy so OH BOY have I been listening to some stuff. I have just listened to all of Rock N Roll Station by Nurse With Wound and I never fail to get a bit lost in it. Some of it sounds like Marilyn Manson mind

Also I am listening to stuff that I may play at the Star and Shadow club fundraiser thing on Friday. Hopefully I will be playing at 10pm or my stamina greatly increases by then cos I am absolutely knackered by 10:30 at this point. But I was knackered by 2pm a couple of weeks ago. Going to DJ in my pyjamas and on a chair.

I hope you are all doing great, I am certainly glad to be alive. All the best


fucking hell bud, bad go. take care of yoursen & i hope there’s no lasting damage.



it was me! mugs!!

what happened, dude?



Really like this


got food poisoning on holiday and part of my digestive system folded up (!) cos of the dehydration. No food for a week then 14hrs of flying home then str8 to hospital for emergency op. Jobzagoodun



Bit sad listening to this


wow, glad you’re alright now


We can all pretend to like other songs, but we all know this is the best, right?


actually really like this



wanna get into my kimono and waltz around my room to this with a glass of wine


Rozi making tired Friday Gert melt into a puddle of calm


proper naff


That shit club version of Fast Car


Keep posting and don’t die x


one of your requests on the ol’ work stereo?