What are you listening to right now?


I’ve only managed to get YAH. on today :frowning:


probably near the top of my list of songs I wish I’d written


Been hammering Smashing Pumpkins since that Ava Adore thread last week



as usual

Life-Affirming Songs Thread


:slight_smile: hope youre doing alright my main man





Been playing this a lot over the past week, cheers ruffsqwad.


literally can’t argue with Galaxie 500


It’s been a while since I last listened to this record, and I know it’s cliche, but it’s still so beautiful and one of my favourites



yikes, dude.

you went for this, didn’t you.

were you on a drip on the plane or something? kind of cool to come back from nearly dying. like, ahhh, ALIVE. risky way to shake off any cobwebs, though.

that Eric Martin tune is weird, but I like it. it has housey energy but it doesn’t sound retro or gear-fetishist or samey like a lot of stuff I’ve heard in recent years. just like some murky, elastic, malfunctioning basement robot. (idk).

the Cliff Lothar one is really nice - I like how it sounds kind of purry and narrow. really good synth sound. and the production on the drums is nice. classic sounds, but they sound nice and compact.

where do you find your tunes these days?


some good tunes I have listened to recently:

@theShipment this sound great on a hot day

^ this should be the Larry Levan mix of ‘Padlock’ by Gwen Guthrie.

^ oh my goodness, guys, this album. Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit in assistance. one of the biggest disparities in terms of a record’s brilliance vs. its renown.



Some 90s DJ Shadow




Paul’s Boutique. Came up in my list, but one of my all time favourites. Not a duff track on there, and Shadrach’s just amazing (as, obviously, is Loose Booty).