What are you listening to right now?


New Ryan Adams album


I know! Only recently got into it after spending a heap of time on North Star Deserter. What should I be going on to next?


It’s a little less polished but I always loved The Salesman and Bernadette too.




Cheers I’ll check it out


Got my Comey playlist on:

(Full disclosure: this is the only song on my Comey playlist)


gorgeous stuff from Iggy and D-Lop




Stay alive, just stay alive <3


The Fugees – The Score. Even better than I remember.


A colleague talking. Endlessly talking.


One of the best indie-pop records of all time is getting a re-issue!


Then invented Scott Pilgrim?!





Actually a good tune despite how overexposed it got

And another version:


Because it came up in ‘the list’. I’m into the year 2000!

Anyway, I forgot how much I really liked this, even though I never really liked Doves.


The album this is from is great. Really didn’t appreciate it when it came out.


I feel lengthy sax led psych freak outs are the only thing that’ll get me through this heat.