What are you listening to right now?


I’ve absolutely rinsed both albums. Can’t get enough… need more!






Thisgirl - Short Strut… Ahhh, so many memories. Did my first crowd-surf at one of their gigs (okay, ‘crowd’ maybe pushing it), it was just a shame that the person who instingated it decided to do so by using my genitals as a point of purchase.


I’m listening to this whole album. Been on a PWEI revisit all week – found it surprising that I think some of their songs still hold up pretty well


This has been on my to-buy list for a month or so maybe. Based partly just on reading the blurb to an interview with them.

Anyway, I’m currently listening to (specifically track three of) this:


still so good. in a strange turn of fate, one of my atds ended up marrying the guy who did the vocals to this. 16 year old me would have been so stoked. 24 year old me was…pleased.



Didn’t know these fellas at all until I saw them at ATP Nightmare in 2006. One of the surprise highlights of the weekend.


Still one of my favorite records from 2003.




No studio version on YouTube, but Come See Come Saw by Rocket From The Crypt. So great.



I was previously listening to Faraquet, but I think I’m ready to give up on trying to like them. annoying and pretentious. never going to click.

I fucking hate iTunes; I was trying to add something to my Up Next thing, and the whole list got cleared without asking me if I actually wanted to do that.


Right now, headphones on at work (so I don’t have to hear the annoying bloke in the office who can’t not join in any conversation going), I’m listening to Saturday’s Todd-o-Phonic show on WFMU.




post-Sonic Youth kind of art rock, but with Italian voice + accordion, so better than most.

released some time last decade on Young God records