What are you listening to right now?


Doesn’t get much loungier than this


Again, trying to drown out the incessant talker sat opposite.


Just found this EP on Spotify. Loved this band when they were around.




Nubya rules



Listening to this on a seven inch single and trying to figure out the true story. On the YouTube, guitarist Joe Maraia comments that it was his band The Questionaires under a fake name. But Warren Schutz, the song writer was a Brill Building guy and so my assumption was that it was session musicians doing it especially for the film Unholy Matrimony (a super cheap exploitation b-movie). Which is backed up by the acetate by Maraia’s band, on YouTube, sounding quite different from the released version under the Warmest Spring name. I’ve found Shutz on Facebook but I think I’d feel weird to message him and ask him about it.



absolute belter. i am indeed in the funky way.



pretty sure I could survive with just Aphex Twin.



Richard H Kirk the cabaret voltaire guy


don’t know why. i don’t go clubbing anymore. but it’s hypnotic.


I’m listening to this and it’s making me really happy




don’t even know why i like this. thought it was so shit the first time i heard it but now i love it a bit and it’s completely stuck in my head

(i’m definitely the most basic bitch in this thread)


this is far out