What are you listening to right now?


Japanese Breakfast are helping my hangover a lot.


The Heck is what I’m listening to right now. The seven inch vinyl arrived today!


What’s The Heck?



quite like this one from the junior boys



Probably my most played album in my lifetime. I bought it from Asda when I was 16. I’m 41 now.


The Best Of REM for those (quite rightly) who can’t be bothered clicking on the link.


that’s my favourite song on ‘Last Exit’ <3

I listened to the first two albums a lot when I came back from uni, just walking around late on summer evenings.

never really clicked with anything since, although I did feel something from ‘Big Black Coat’ on my last listen.


I heartily endorse this product or service.



Just noticed there’s a voice speaking (presumably mine, I would hope) at the start of something I made about a few months ago. Can’t tell what I’m saying or remember saying anything that would be cropping up there


It’s All True has some great tracks on it! Especially this:

Never really given Begone Dull Care nor Big Black Coat much time at all…




Molly Nilsson in preparation for seeing her in concert




Inevitably followed by, er… this.

Though they are both from a genre Detroit made famous and hinting at the same subject :joy:


Into this! :grinning: :eagle:

This is why I look forward to hiring guest DJs from DiS for Dave and Sully.


Such a mood booster isn’t it? Those last three minutes especially :slightly_smiling_face:


listening to the explicit version on the album, obv. popped up in shuffle and felt so right


I am currently listening to Garden of Delete by yer man Oneohtrix. The reason I bring it up is just cause of how I’m reading an interview with Lopatin in which he talks about drawing on the influence of adolescence / teenage memories for the album. Appropriately enough, listening to ‘Mutant Standard’ just now gave me a kind of flashback to those lazy dusks spent having my mind positively warped by The Richard D. James Album.


it does, yeah… bad memories of a soul-abrading job attached, tho :frowning: needs reclaiming from that whole bad place