What are you listening to right now?


forget how much Marnie fucking WINS MARNIE YES GO THE BEST

doesn’t this make you want to body paint? and then tear up the paper? ahhhh

(the music I mean; haven’t even watched the video…)



Tyler’s new album. His voice is pretty captivating! That low register drawl… Never really listened to him before so I’m wondering why not now.


Kamaal the Abstract by Q Tip.


absolutely love this. track of the year maybe for me, clive.


Their singer Futoshi Abe (16 December 1966 - 22 July 2009) died eight years ago this week so I’ve been playing my old records by Thee Michelle Gun Elephant.


It’s fucking great. I love it.


Headphones on. Powering through a 400 page book layout with GEAR BLUES blasting in my ears.











I know this is an old post but ooooohhhh myyy gooood they were so good at Fluff!


yaaaas, glad you enjoyed/got to see em! How was the weekend? I got sent a few things by my pals there over the course of it


The whole weekend was absolutely fantastic as ever, only one disappointing set. So many mates, so many beers, so many vegan kebabs.


aw, jealous!