What are you listening to right now?



can’t get enough of this amazing album atm



realised I hadn’t listened to this for ages.

I was listening to Vulnicura because of the new Björk album announcement, and thinking about (feeling about, really) the production; how it has this feeling of being deeply of the body, but by way of electronic manipulation, right?

like… being in hospital, hooked up to machines, on some heavy painkillers, being operated on. but as an artistic thing, an operation on your metaphysical heart by way of electronic gadgets or whatever.

this doesn’t translate all that elegantly from how I feel it in my mind. but anyway, it made me think of ‘Life is Full of Possibilities’. which is/was obviously post-Homogenic, and contemporaneous of Vespertine. but of all the other records that also existed in that kind of space, this one stands out for me.


got this on cd when i was about 17. didn’t like it. didn’t ‘get’ it. think i only listened to the ceremony cover after a while.

played it again on a whim the other day. fuck me, had it on every day since. amazing


Was gonna give the new Whigs album another run as it did nothing for me on first listen. But then I thought: why would I do that when Black Love exists?


One of my favourite albums ever. So fucking good.


The new Playboy Manbaby.




I listened to this last night for the first time in ages. An essential late night chill-out accompaniment. It’s an excellent album. The Dream of Evan and Chan is better than anything they subsequently recorded as the Postal Service.


checking out This is Our Music now. Great too.

can’t believe i’ve slept on this band for so long.


This has got all the riffs.


Genuinely don’t think they made a bad song over the course of their three albums. The rarities compilation ‘Uncollected’ is on Spotify and is well worth a listen, same with ‘Copenhagen’, the live album from the last date of their European tour in 1990.




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The Portable Galaxie 500 is a spot-on compilation too.


Never looked at the tracklisting before but that is a good comp.! ‘Blue Thunder’ (w/sax)!


Glad we’re all on a Life Without Buildings trip then :slight_smile: