What are you listening to right now?


So hyped for the new Alvvays album. Best vocal melodies around imo, this is a complete banger:


Been on a big Beatles kick this week after never diving that deep into the album tracks. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away is just sublime and really enjoying Getting Better. Been missing out all these years.


another vote for Davidoff Cool they never made a bad song

they never made a not-good song


oooooh yeaaaahh


Should probably read this thread, I am musically spent atm.

That said been listening to some of Susumu Hirasawa’s soundtrack work for Satoshi Kon’s films. So fucking good

Also recently found this, which is super weird and nothing like LWB

(I like it though)


listened to this album yesterday for the first time in years. still love that drum intro on I Know


Yeah pretty stylistically different but I’m finding it a real earworm. Great bassing


Ah shit I posted the wrong Hirasawa song. MODS


Let’s organise a DiS Any Other City listening ‘party’ :grinning:


not gonna post a link, but I’m listening to the new Fleet Foxes one. a beautiful thing.


I managed to find an affordable copy of the original version by The Nerves a little while ago. But Blondie definitely did a great job of their versions.


Lol I didn’t even realise people were talking about them before posting :open_mouth:


Hang on to fuck, LWB covered one of my favourite Prince songs? Fucking HELL!


Oh god I didn’t know it was a Prince song. That’ll teach me… to listen to some Prince.

Makes sense now why it sounds like it does


I really like that cover! The original is one of my favourite Prince songs, some of the best backing vocals in his career.


Haha! If DiS had a collective last.fm account then LWB would probably be charting quite highly this week…


Reeling off this grade A banger today



Great, so now I have to properly get into Prince now. Thanks a bunch! :roll_eyes:


You have an incredible journey ahead.


I got into him two or three years ago and now I own all these. You could get hooked!