What are you listening to right now?


love this album a lot


“Breaking down the barriers, like Sonic Youth”


I ruddy love this album especially this track:




keep pressing play on this one but it doesn’t work SEAN!



Never really got into the band Air so I’m giving this a go now.


One of my favourite albums ever. Own two copies of it on LP for some reason.

First four Air albums are great, along with the ‘Premier Symptômes’ EP.


Le Voyage Dans La Lune is well worth checking out too @foppyish


I listened to it a while back and it was nice I must say. I must go back to it!


Yeah plus I loved the cool contributions from Au Revoir Simone and Victoria Legrand! Have always meant to listen to it whilst watching A Trip to the Moon even though it’s twice the length of said film :grin:






Jumping the Shark was definitely one of my favourite albums from last year! What do you make of the new singles?


just fascinated with this album atm, especially all the stuff that comes completely out of the leftfield. there’s some really odd shit on here. this track is one of the ‘nice’ ones


I only just found out about him in the last week, such a good song. Not as sure about the new ones, angel olsen sounds good on them though.


Yeah the new singles are much more polished and my friend said that Strangers Kiss sounded like a Meatloaf song which is all I can hear now…

Still think the sax on it is great though!


I’m currently listening to the Fools Paradise radio show on WFMU.


yeah feels like he’s playing it a bit straight
love getting into someone on the cusp of a new album though its such a bonanza. have you seen him live? he’s playing near me in december


I’ve not seen him live no! I’m still trying to get a ticket for his show at Lexington next month if not it’ll be Scala in December for me too.

A couple of friends said he was great at Primavera and had them dancing pretty much for his whole set!