What are you listening to right now?



fuck you all


you have to hand it to radiohead sometimes don’t you

been listening to in rainbows in bed a lot



J Dilla - Donuts, Jay Stay Paid and Jay Love Japan all on shuffle making one big album



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I was in a queue for some tickets, having been in a queue for about 20 minutes the webpage said it was about to redirect me. At the same moment the countdown in that song Seven Stars started. Genuinely thought that it was website for a moment.


this has made me tear up a bit. the vocals, weirdly, remind me a bit of AC circa Sung Tongs at points. so impossibly warm, though.


and then that Fripp-esque solo halfway through, oh my god.

killing me.


This is good.


Serendipitous synchronicity!


Been listening to this a lot this week. The squealing bit at the end is so great.


Have you listened to his earlier stuff? The weird moments are less surprising if you have, but definitely still an odd contrast with the sweet country style ballads he’s included too. Sportstar was the biggest and best shock for me, love that one.


i haven’t, but i will. I love the jazzy lounge one too, sounds like something off the final fantasy 8 soundtrack


There’s a lot more 90s indie stuff, but he does the most interesting version of it I’ve heard in a while. I need to listen more but DSU and Beach Music were both great all the way through.




anyone into this


far, far better than i expected and a big grower


I say Fripp-esque; turns out it was Robert Fripp, who actually produced the album.


i watched Ghost World again the other night, so I’m listening to the soundtrack to it.