What are you listening to right now?


got all the golden oldies on today


found this punk funk Frenchwoman through Light in the Attic. so rad


I’m a big fan of one word instrumentals, the weirder the better.




I’d love to have that on a seven inch. The only one I do have is Run Rabbit Run.


the best


Jay Som - Everybody Works

Really love this album, to the point where I was surprised that it’s only been out for a few months. I thought it was at least a year old.


Been jamming this a lot recently:

I miss Firefly Recordings!


I never understood why Trouble Books never got any love at all outside of DiS. This is genuinely one of my favourite songs, just sounds perfect with headphones on


Their second best song isn’t even on youtube ffs


i feel like this is quite autumnal but not sure if it’s autumnal enough for the autumn playlist


Anyone remember oneforghosts? That guy was like an encyclopedia of downtempo/ambient stuff, swear he must have spent every waking minute of his life listening to music.

Think I kinda stopped reading the music board around the time he left, rip.


Someone on Facebook commented about the sleeve of this single so I got the urge to give it a spin.



amazing how completely the war on drugs ripped this sound off


Glorious tune from that Yuck man who left. God knows why he couldn’t have made this under the same name though. Must’ve hated his band mates I suppose.


Copperpot Journals! YES!

I loved the Plotting to Kill Your Friends ep. The Weather As Your Common Ground <3


always play a bit of this when i’m doing the ol’ djing.


Love that song! Heard it on a Rocksound cd and was my first introduction to them! It sounded so clever. They deserve way more attention.