What are you listening to right now?


honestly one of the great bangerzzz of our times even though Shorty has terrible style


I think he was one the main reasons I started to the boards at all, way before I started posting


Forgot how catchy this shit is :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


bizarre to think that this is 10 years old. as much as I cringe at the term, this was truly a formative album for me, this song in particular. got me into so much other stuff that I’ve enjoyed immensely.




It’s weird how when I was a kid I thought this was awfully naff. But now, although I still kind of think that, I always enjoy hearing it when it’s randomly played somewhere.


I grew up on this song (my dad is Spanish and also a massive disco/funk fan). Always loved it but kept it hidden along with my love for disco until my late teens because peer pressure.


Talking of Spanish things, I’ve been inspired to pull out some of my favourite Spanish records. And I reckon Los Salvajes are my faves.


I like my Lone Star records but unlike Los Salvajes they only did covers. But they did them well.


I DJ’d a wedding in Madrid once and had to play this record five times to keep the old folks happy though.


And this Los Brincos record I was asked for a dozen times.


fucking love that ye-ye sort of rock that came out of Spain during the 60s and 70s


I sort of don’t think of it as ye ye if it’s not French. But I know what you mean. Now you’ve got me looking in my box of French records. I think this is one of my favourite ones. I saw her live - in the Netherlands a few years back rather than in France, oddly - tiny little lady but lovely and friendly and awesome on stage.


guessing you’re all listening to the new clientele album


I really like this


love this old metal stuff


@Flashinglight this album, though. just closing my eyes and letting it carry me away to a better life.


One of the best, that album. It exists in its own little sunny world which is definitely a nice place to be :slight_smile: