What are you listening to right now?




just heard this on the ol’ radio for the first time

for some reason I think this may be up @Kallgeese 's street?



The new Hurray For The Riff Raff album. Shit name but great album.






In a very slow post-rock-ish sort of mood today (deep grey sky and that); had Promised Works by The For Carnation on earlier, and am now partway through E Luxo So by Labradford.



Been quite obsessed with Kayleigh since I caught an unexpected support slot she did earlier on this year. Shame I’ll probably never get to see her play solo again but glad I managed to see her at all.


Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - “We Call Upon The Author”.


this is a really great track, really hits hard.


You got it right. Bardo Pond are flipping unreal.


Noisy brotha <3


Listening to some tracks from off of ‘Disintegration’ by The Cure. This album sounds weirdly like very young childhood, as the tape was frequently playing on cloudy car journeys.

Makes me feel old that it had only been out two years or so when I was born, cause for some reason, that had never occurred to me.


just been listening to this on repeat since some time between five and six pm yesterday. apart from one full listen to the album, and a few repeats of ‘In Care of 8675309’. all that’s keeping me together.


Watching a load of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts on YouTube



something about a few of his more spare and emotionally bare songs feels very apt for how I’m feeling right now. something about how his writing was always both abstract and clear. and dissociated, I suppose. it feels naked, denuded.


dunno why i didn’t like this song at the height of my LDR obsession. nice tune.