What are you listening to right now?


Anyone familiar with everynoise.com? A friend introduced me to it, it’s pretty good.

per the website:

This is an ongoing attempt at an algorithmically-generated, readability-adjusted scatter-plot of the musical genre-space, based on data tracked and analyzed for 1536 genres by Spotify. The calibration is fuzzy, but in general down is more organic, up is more mechanical and electric; left is denser and more atmospheric, right is spikier and bouncier.
Click anything to hear an example of what it sounds like.

Then click the little arrows to see a breakdown of the genre. Been listening to a lot of banging techno & house recently as a result, no idea if any of what I’ve been listening to is critically lauded at all but I’m enjoying it immensely.

Apart from that, been listening to a fair bit of PC music again recently. Quite enjoy this newish one by Danny Harle

And obviously KKB are great in an undefinable way


this song makes me cry. it makes me dream of a happiness I’ll never feel


Sad that summer’s gone.


probs my fave song of the last few years


you’re a good 'un, shrewbs.

yeah. it’s a dream of a song. amazing that after two decades of brilliant music, he’s making his best music now.

quickest 18 minute song I ever did hear. when the vocals first enter, then the warm, gentle synth that comes in near the end, really special.


Love that synth on that one, very special.
Right now I am listening to this (very good) Spotify playlist - Epic Wall of Sound.


promised myself i’d take a break from here, but fuck me, Elliott Smith never recorded a bad song. I must’ve listened to this one 30 times, and today it just sounds so vital and amazing.


Is it not a bit better than ‘Despacito’?


well, full marks for effort - here’s the link.



Listening to the new Slow Magic and it’s a bit of a nothing record so far

Sorry guys


I like this. It has the most uplifting, happy guitar solo I’ve heard for a long time


Got the Sorority Noise album today and it’s so so good - earnest and energetic and when those low bass notes open up it’s just utterly euphoric.



It’s a cracking album. The topic is a bit much at times, but it’s very well done.


<3 KKB


It’s what they call ‘tears’. It’s a sign of their weakness.


But if you do see that golden light
That it shines in its fiery eye
Go on and catch it while you can
Go on and catch it if you can
Let it course through you
And let it burn through you
If it’s the light of truth

it doesn’t get any better than this, does it


What is good trying to sleep music? Been trying some galaxie 500 but a bit too whinny


Harold Budd - ‘The Pavilion Of Dreams’


I’ll give this a try, love that record he did with Cocteau Twins