What are you listening to right now?


this amazing, amazing, amazing song my pal Eddie (of Spoilers) put out. I’ve had a demo version of it for years so to have it properly recorded now is a dream:


think i’ve become overly dependent on falling asleep to music again
the Mirroring album’s good for it


Is that a grouper related project? I listen to her a lot for going to sleep purposes


yeah it’s Grouper and Tiny Vipers, 2 of the best music people


I’ll give it a listen later. I think what I am after is some upbeat ambient, I like a lot ambient/drone stuff but it always tends to err on the side of bleak, I want warm hazy dream music




Great album. Still need to listen to their earlier ones


I’d seen the name and like stuff on Sacred Bones but never really checked them out. Gave it a spin after your mention (?) in the krautrock thread. Will listen again.


Letting it sink in how good some of the new Twin Peaks music was: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olr6vU5Xi0A

I can’t wait to rewatch this series. I keep replaying moments of it in my mind. Oh, man.


God I literally came in here to talk about Grouper.

Can’t figure out why she’s so good. It’s just, like, a piano or an acoustic guitar plus melancholy vocals. I’m normally so ambivalent about that sort of thing.



stick this on repeat


or this. too obvious?


Love that song. It’s one of those songs that touches on some sort or intangible, unique, melancholic feeling that no other media can…it’s absolutely remarkable. As is the whole album


It’s Tim Hecker kind of weather out there


i’m about 40 minutes into this

worra lovely band


I need to listen to some music I haven’t listened to much or at all instead of just listening to comfort music.

but but but


no age is such ultimate comfort music for me.


today is no age day. just the coolest band ever.