What are you listening to right now?


they make me want to jump up and down, but also sometimes feel like wearing a nice jumper, or kicking about in the sun or something. many comforts.


nostalgia element in so strong too.


oh god yeah. got me pining a bit for ATP or whatever.

really looking forward to whenever they’re touring. overwhelming desire to bounce around in a mess of sweaty, smiling people.





Still loving City Music. All the KCRW recordings are ace!


yeah it’s kinda ridiculous isn’t it, she just perfectly captures a certain… feeling. A very blue one at that


Checked out the new Billy… sorry, William Patrick Corgan album, but quickly gave up and am listening to The Aeroplane Flies High instead. So much good stuff!






I love my favourite band


somehow never realised what a genius isaac hayes was before now

Music Thread for the Social Board: post a song that you think everybody really ought to listen to because it's that good

only just discovered that Dirty Projectors covered one of my favourite Dylan songs on the expanded Bitte Orca and it’s really good




Got the newest MG on

Some of the lyrics here are incredible