What are you listening to right now?


seconding the 18-day old Grouper love I see upon opening this thread today


Album I just listened to: Tim Hecker - Harmony in Ultraviolet

Album I’m listening to now: Can - Future Days


Have pretty much just had TV On The Radio’s “Wolf Like Me” stuck in my head ever since @profk added it to the autumn playlist


Listened to that album yesterday and ‘A I A: Alien Observer’ this morning. I haven’t heard anyone in the last few years be so consistent over so many projects. Bar maybe Bradford Cox I suppose.


I’ve had her album with Lawrence English (which, for some reason, I feel has slipped under a lot of peoples’ radars) on a lot around the Halloween season (it’s lo-fi droniness conceptually based around zombies)

(Slow Walkers is the project, and the album is self-titled for anyone who isn’t aware of it)


Lining that up after I finish listening to the utter shite that is Weezer’s ‘Pacific Daydream’. I curse my commitment to reviewing albums.


been coming back to this over and over. almost got the guitar part down, apart from a tiny variation in one part. would like to learn to sing along, too <3

bloody love that man. what a dreamboat, too.


forgot about this album :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


spinning around in my bedroom to this


this is exactly what I need right now. so many synthy arpeggiated records out there, but none of them sound like this. genuinely spellbinding.


So good.



think I must have listened to this album four or five times in the last twenty four hours. singular.


What am I listening to right now, you ask? Alvin and the Chipmunks covering '80s classics slowed down to 16bpm, of course!


I’m listening to the new Pinegrove song over and over. It’s so fucking good.


dunno who linked them here, but Asleep was one of the best finds for me this year.


i just happened across them on bandcamp, their third album came out a couple of weeks ago and it’s great


Outshine is my fav, she has such a good voice for their music


I’ve been listening to O Evelyn so much this week as it really reminds me of my little niece (who isn’t called Evelyn but neither is Mike’s daughter I don’t think?)


Posting it here cos why not

My niece looks just like the girl in the photo too :relaxed: