What are you listening to right now?


Can’t stop listening to this. It’s great


There’ll never be a better vocalist than Liz Fraser ever again, will there?

Just being really unadventurous and listening to all the best songs around atm.


this again. just such a wonderful song.


vocals on this are proper shivers down the spine




I’m enjoying this far more than I think I should be.


a load of italian opera at the moment. All the big hits on a playlist being banged out round the house.





This song is an epic, not in the ‘epic kickflip dude!’ way, but in the Iliad sense


god, I love him so much. I love the way he thinks and writes about heartfelt things. makes my heart want to explode.

I’ve pretty much got that song I posted nailed. and I’m working on the vocals. and learning how to play this one now.


sweet. makes me want to put some Mark E on.


aww yis. that album was too much for me when I first listened. like, too wonderful and giddy and sugary. so many of the best records are the ones that foxed me first.


she makes all other vocalists seem so bland and colourless. like, few other vocalists sounds as lost in the thrill of their voice as she did with the Cocteaus.


flamin’ Imagine Dragons. I have no idea quite why, but my Release Radar seems to have an almost weekly dose of them, going back month. I’m not even on dragonbook. It also gave me a new U2 song this week. Kendrick Lamar was on it. not sure what else happened.

I’m now listening to a new Wheatus single.


ffs, really like this. really wish it was a big more stripped back but anyway.


these are good. like, they excite the air particles with… uh… energy and verve.


Listening to Untrue by Burial, having been truly shocked earlier this month at the news that it’s ten years old.

Seriously, I vividly remember reading reviews of this then-new release. Shut up is it ten.


69 Love Songs. CD2 at the moment.