What are you listening to right now?


ooh me too, having watched this video Resident Advisor put out about the album. Includes cool stuff I didn’t know about re: his sampling etc.


I’ll have to remember to watch this! It took a while for Untrue to grow on me; and I’ve got some quite peculiarly vivid memories of times I listened to it as I gradually grew to really appreciate it: listening to it while sitting on the sofa on the Christmas Day that I got the album as a present, while doing my paper round and getting rained on (really early in the morning, while still dark, which was when I used to do my paper round for some reason), during late nights at university, and one time when I locked myself out the house by accident on an appropriately grey day.

‘Shell of Light’ was always the track that kept me coming back.




Love Untrue, but #forme his absolute best stuff is on the Kindred, Truant/Rough Sleeper and Rival Dealer EPs. Whenever I think of ‘archetypal Burial’ it’s always something like the Kindred or Rival Dealer title tracks, or Ashtray Wasp… just something that’s given loads of room to breathe and stop at random and change tack whilst being consistently super beautiful.

<3 all music that just sounds like a time and place tbh and Burial is basically the best at that.


I rinsed that album on the actual night bus at uni. on big headphones on the cold af juddery old double-decker shuttles from halls to town, feeling the concave stomach of a first winter of independence. so I’m not surprised at all.

no Burial has ever sounded as good as Untrue did then.


still one of the best bands I’ve seen live. just remember, after about 15 hours of travelling and unpacking etc, getting to the main stage at Benicassim in 2008 absolutely exhausted, and Sigur Ros had just started with this.


Pram - Museum of Imaginary Animals

It’s just occurred to me that this album sometimes sort of reminds me of Sam 'n Max Hit the Road, specifically the Mystery Vortex / any section with the strange mole people.




punk funk doozy



this is joyous btw.


been listening to those edith frost demos


I was in an instrumental hip-hop mood so I decided to look at those Bandcamp Daily recommendation article things for recommended beat tape thingies. Henceforth, enjoying this: https://leavingrecords.bandcamp.com/album/kickinit-alone


finally on this thing. BIG. turned it up, then it turned itself up. fuckin’ dynamics, them, m233


William Basinski - El Camino Real


Listening to Angel Olsen. Bit slow on this, she’s really excellent isn’t she? :heart_eyes:


She’s amazing. Stunning live too!


I wish I had been quicker getting into her so I could have seen her on the tour where Tim Darcy was supporting, great combination that (though she would indeed have to have been stunning to not be comparatively disappointing after him).


the girl who sings the high bit has the most beautiful and pure voice ever. what a lovely song.


Oh, I saw her on that tour when she played in Cork. Tim Darcy was great but she wasn’t on form that night, really didn’t like the seated venue. She was mind bogglingly good the next time I saw her though.

She’ll hopefully tour next year and you can see her then!