What are you listening to right now?


Bit disappointed by the new Fever Ray so listening to old Knife




Why are you listening to this at this hour? Raving off your tits in your parents’ living room?


I’m at work!

But yeah I know. Almost put up a Monday bangerz thread


Oh fuck, I thought you were finished!

I couldn’t listen to bangerz this morning, I’d want to go on the session so much. Will finally be able to get lairy this weekend after a long break though.



mega into all that Anticon/Rhymesayers stuff today



This is gorgeous.


production on the new Charlotte Gainsbourg album is the best i’ve heard in ages


dusted this album off the other day. this was always my favourite tune, but I’ve just been rinsing it lately. makes my heart swell up like a balloon. fuck <3 <3 <3

“and fool my heart / to think that I might have had you”

just utterly gorgeous


and jeez, I forget, we all forget, but this fucking album, how is this not right near the top of the canon. incredible.


She was really nice to me at an atp once when I was about 18 and incredibly awkward


Can’t get over how good this song is


am i remembering right that one of the guys from Holy Fuck was behind this?

Call Me is incredible


funny you should say that; I was talking to (at) another friend of mine about how much I love her music, and he said he hung out with her at ATP one year and that she was really lovely :slight_smile:



will fight anyone my age who doesn’t think this (and Cross) is still a sizzler


Steel drum rendition of 50 Cent’s ‘P.I.M.P.’ anyone?