What are you listening to right now?


what a choon


this is one of the warmest and loveliest songs ever put to tape, yeah?


Just bought tickets to see them in a couple of weeks time so I’m giving the last album some new plays.


I cannot remember any other song by that band, but love this one so much, used to listen to it on repeat if I wanted a bit of a lift :heart:



I listened to it a lot when I was at uni. I remember sitting in Huddersfield train station in winter listening to it most vividly, because the train journeys back home and back out to uni, whenever I made them, always had a way of… I want to say, cultivating my emotional landscape??

…and there was a cosy, warm glow, in that album, but especially that song. so yeah, same :slight_smile:


good music for walking through busy urban spaces, this


Feel like y’all would really dig this


just getting really into the Associates
best british band ever? can’t think who else it would be


2017 Gorkys with ladiez


passed me by, this one, but oh my


Christmas music.

I have no shame.




this is just so so good.


Not even a massive fan of the band or the original song but I keep finding myself coming back to this


aww </3 I forgot how good this tune was.

definitely don’t listen to Electrelane enough


Electrelane are so great, might be the band i’ve loved for longest


the best song GBV ever gone and done


this version of left of the dial is hilarious!