What are you listening to right now?


close second


scott morgan is the most underrated guitarist of all time


good vibes. definitely has a kind of weirdly other feel on this first track. love the pointiness of the vocal melodies, and the reverb sounds like her voice is echoing through a mountain range.


wicked cool, isn’t it. hard to explain why it’s so good. just got this heady feeling like looking at faraway aeroplanes scraping the upper atmosphere on a late summer evening. feels like… there are real, living vibrations. feels more happening than other indie pop. vital, like.



<3 Unrest



still fucking brilliant


just heard this while sniffing around the end of year lists

originally came out a couple of years ago but i’d not heard it, incredibly gorgeous soulful puerto rican synthy stuff




Had an out of nowhere urge to listen to Rancid so blasting And Out Come The Wolves and bopping around the kitchen like an excited child.


probably the only beyonce song I like



This is bangininnnn


think this might be his low-key best song tbh.



I don’t know if anyone’s ever done ‘earth-shattering’ quite like DCD



Obsessed with this band atm, really annoyed I missed them when they were here a few months ago


is it even possible to listen to this song without sobbing? not sure.