What are you listening to right now?





duuuuude. you were not wrong!!

absolutely in love with this song. immediate pure 100% joy.


it’s fucking beautiful eh

she’s got a bit of that young michael jackson thing to her vocals. probably improve every band ever to have a child singing. there’s a radio edit where they all sound off their names in the middle 8 which is better than this version btw.


I’m listening that one rn! hey hey heyyyyyy

Hot 8 vibes but with kids on this. vocals are properly wonderful. exactly what I needed. instant happiness. that skipping feel, oh wow.



<3 the sagittarius lad with the lisp is my fav.
octave jumps in vocal melodies are always killer. oh hadn’t noticed the pitched drums bit before, that’s dope.


finna see them in Manchester in… Feb? like, especially if they have live brass and the youth choir along with them. you got your ticket yet?

(haha, can’t believe I just said “finna”. I really am fixing to see them live, though)


I have! been buying loads of gig tickets with my winnings from this morning. looking at a stretch of wand, wolf people & moon duo in a spell of 4 days, then GIZ and hookworms shortly after. :mushroom::mushroom::mushroom:

really hoping they do live brass. saw hypnotic brass ensemble a few years ago and it was top 10 ever gigs.


ask this of everyone here I think, but were you a fan of meet me in st louis?


I’ve never given them a listen, should I?


they sound a lot like that band you posted and were ridiculously fun when they were about.


I was thinking of doing Moon Duo… not really familiar with those other bands?

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, where do I start with them?


wand are the band of the guy who did the weird electronic\keyboard shit on that ty segall & the muggers record, good weirdo psychy stuff. probably don’t have the memorable tunes tho.

wolf people are touring with reine fiske out of dungen, they’re that sort of folky psych biz if you dig dungen you;d dig them. absolute guitar heroism also.

giz are king gizzard and the etc etc

hookworms are brill man - krauty stuff from yorkshire, think one of them used to post on here? loudest live band i’ve ever seen.

not kept up with hypnotic brass ensemble but it was this record i was into

they’re the sons of phil cochran who used to play in sun ra arkestra, well into all that mystic stuff. put out a new double lp this year apparently, gonna check tht.

gis a shout if you’re going any, get a beer,


nuts about this today

not really familiar w Nite Jewel, but I keep seeing her name aboot in reference to other artists I like



mint! I’ll check these out in a bit.

you a Hot Snakes fan? I fancy that in Jan.



:slightly_smiling_face: the go team are such a treat