What are you listening to right now?


I’m pretty excited about checking out their new and recent stuff. didn’t know they’d gotten into marching band kinda stuff ^ _ ^


<3 <3 <3

where is Erlend Øye these days


tracks from this keep popping up now and again when I have my tunes on my phone on shuffle. I’ve still not felt like putting the whole thing on, but they always bang. ‘III’ just started playing now, and it’s ace.


soz, missed this - very drunk last night. i am but that night’s my grandad’s housewarming do. theyre sposed to be incredible live eh :frowning:




the vocals are great, but it’s all about that instrumental. could listen to it for half an hour.


I’m sure your grandad’s housewarming is going to be a stormer, m7!

and I don’t know much about their live show, but yeah? sweet!


only just got on this today, for reasons.

best thing I’ve heard all year. want to cry. ahhhh wow.


Currently listening to Queen’s Greatest Hits II (not for any particular reason, just thought why teh feck not).

I instantly recognise Radio Ga Ga but I never actually knew Queen wrote this song, until now. How embarrassing.

Quite liking their 80s stuff tbh. Everyone says Queen weren’t good after A Night at the Opera/A Day at the Races, but I don’t believe that’s true (they just stopped making terrific albums).


‘Hard’ is my favourite Gang of Four album. The fact it sounds so much like a product of its time is why I like it. Then again I’m not really a big GoF fan, I’m guessing the hatred largely comes from some sort of purist post-punk fanbase.
I like Heaven 17 too.


Yeah most likely this ^! I’ve still not gone back to it but I didn’t really have any strong feelings on the album either way.

Only really familiar with The Luxury Gap & Penthouse and Pavement from Heaven 17’s catalogue, which record would recommend investigating next?


tbh I’m only familiar with this (seemingly obscure) compilation of 12" remixes (it’s a fun listen, available on Spotify). Haven’t heard their albums, but I think they’re meant to be the two most essential ones.


Crab Day is a fantastic album, had it on repeat the last few days.