What are you listening to right now?


Heard this randomly in a pub, very surprised it’s by MGMbloodyT

Chorus is class



aledder frooooooooooom amerika


Lochaber no mooarrrrrrr Sutherland nomoooooooarrrr Lewis nomooooooooarrrr Skye nomooooooooooooarrrrr


Love this one


Listening to this for some reason

These timbres are so nostalgic to the point where I can’t separate them from that context


I think @profk was big into this tune. The chorus is really great, and that bit where he sings “giddy with delight…” - that bit, awesome.



who wants to talk about wishbone ash

now i’m listening to thism


Current events made me revisit this record from a year or so ago.


Death & Vanilla’s re-scoring of Vampyr.

My sibling got me an album of their’s for Christmas a few years ago. I hadn’t heard of them, but (obviously given the Broadcast influence / them being influenced by those who influenced Broadcast / whatnot) it appealed to me greatly. I can’t believe it didn’t occur to me to check out some of this stuff from them when I was looking for “hauntological”, eerie sounding stuff around Halloween-time.


From Autechre’s 4th album. Always been familiar with them as one of the bands that influenced Radiohead (particularly their Kid A/Amnesiac era, maybe OK Computer as well to an extent). So glad I made the effort of listening to more of their output this weekend, and coming across this gem. The whole album is very good.


That newish mgmt song again. Honestly think it’s one of my favourite tunes of the past 5 or so years.


Grateful Dead Live at Springer’s Inn Portland on 1970-01-16


i think this album got panned but i’ve been listening to it every day this week and i love it



Never liked the stone roses but this justifies their existence


last 2 minutes of this, ooof


A main thing that strikes me about Zelienople is how they are sonically cut from a similar thread to bands like Labradford, Bark Psychosis, Talk Talk and whatnot. Crucially, unlike these bands, they have a comparatively massive back catalogue which takes ages to explore through. So I thought I’d trawl their Bandcamp.

Currently listening to…


the end of this, bloody hell