What are you listening to right now?


Such a great album


here, please tour again so i can so you and not have a nervous breakdown like last time


Oh man Sonic Nurse

I love it when I leave an album for a while and then come back to it and I’m partway through Stones right now and oh man it’s so good

haven’t even gotten to i love you golden blue yet


Recorded, incredibly in 197fuckin1


Dirty Three mates :heart:

much like the DiS DMST mates in that the mutual love of this band makes me feel warm inside.


I had the start of this as either a ringtone or alarm for a while. and somehow I still love it.

I love how the way they play sounds as painterly as the album covers look.

and I love how their crescendos sound like something fraying or catching fire.

what a bloody band.


had to go back to it after finishing the album

didn’t realise there was a video

def one of my favourite songs o.a.t.


first minute is already sounding p. great, shrewbs

guitar/bass/whatever and drums are like Angels of Light, and that synth sounds like actual moonlight. good outdoors at night reverb too.

oooh voice, VOICE.


I almost avoid listening to dirty three as it makes most other music seem non-expressive


I’m only getting properly into them fairly recently despite initially checking out Horse Stories a few years ago, and despite being a big Bad Seeds fan. Stupendous stuff though, I’ve been rinsing Whatever You Love, in particular.

I briefly tried the idea of usings songs as an alarm but the very first morning it went off I realised it was going to make me hate it forever.


oh yeah, they’re mint. all three members of the band have their own unique sound on their respective instrument.

love it when they guest on other people’s albums, too. like Jim on ‘You Follow Me’ by Nina Nastasia:

or Jim and Mick on Moon Pix:

fave on that D3 album is ‘Lullabye for Christie’. maybe my favourite ever crescendo.


I like how cool dirty three look as older people in a band, like they have grown to look how they sound, really weird to watch footage of them from the 90s


listened to this album ages ago and liked it but didn’t know they were on it. definitely needs a revisit.


got any links? I could search myself, but I am feeling a bit lazy



new Oneida sounds like if Radiohead were as interesting as a teenage Radiohead fan thinks


omg the view at the start of that video, with the sun in the sea

young Warren tho! so dashing in that shirt.


If y’all ain’t heard this version you really, really have to:


yeah it’s well good
been listening to her other stuff and some of it sounds quite Susanne Sundfory and some is more Swansy like that