What are you listening to right now?


Gideon Coe’s Mark E. Smith tribute show on 6music



The Caretaker - Everywhere At The End Of Time (Stage 3)

I got interested in Kirby’s work towards the middle (I think it was) of last year. I feel about the Caretaker project kind of the same way I feel about William Basinski (sometimes captivating and uniquely beautiful, other times maybe suffering a bit under the weight of the process or concept).

I do love how this album (is it right to call it an album? Album cycle, maybe?) is playing out though. Reading through the little descriptions he’s written of what each stage is supposed to represent, it is kind of an achievement (to me at this first listen, anyway) how he’s managed to evoke these “symptoms” through this project.

This track rn https://thecaretaker.bandcamp.com/track/f7-libet-delay


I love Kirby’s work and this project is insanely ambitious. I think it’s to his credit that I’m finding this part of the project really hard to listen to - having had family members with memory related illnesses I find it kind of heartbreaking. Which is only going to get worse as it moves towards it’s conclusion.

I’ve only just noticed that there’s a track in the latest part called, “An Empty Bliss Beyond This World.” I’ll have to listen to that back to back with the title track from that record when I can stomach it.


fave TM song. such an odd band, the bass guitar on this is beautiful. everything about it is beautiful.


been listening to this album over and over again for weeks.

think it’s better than anything he did with neu! tbh. it’s a fucking dream.


The best of Britney Spears.


yeah, best song off their best album. I was pretty late to it, I liked a few latter throwing muses albums but only checked out this one after reading Kristin Hersh’s memoir (which is really great if you have not read it). Really like the line ‘a boy was tangled in his bike forever’ no idea what it means, but in that weird spaced out moment it is perfect



i have read that! & it;s one of my favourite books ever probably. i wasn’t even into throwing muses when i got it, just heard kristin being interviewed and picked it up… listening to that album after reading it; piecing together all the lyrical allusions to stuff was one of my best experiences listening to music.

had a spell on old dis where 70% of my posts were recommending paradoxical undressing i think.


I love that album, not sure if it’s a guilty pleasure or not, it sure is cheesy but I think it’s great


it’s fucking brilliant, all the ELO LPs are fucking brilliant but Time & A New World Record are really quite underrated compared to Out of the Blue

sure there’s some cheese here and there but they’re chock full of masterpieces too - good old cocaine Jeff


have gotten choked up at Telephone Line before, that chorus man is really really something





Sonic Youth - Washing Machine

It’s kind of weird looking at how well they all gel together as a band, now that they’ve all splintered off in their own directions. I like those other projects (what I’ve heard of them anyway), but there’s nothing quite like when, on a particularly good SY track, all those disparate personalities come together in perfect sync.


any George fans out there? love a bit of George.


Shabazz Palaces - Quazars: Born On A Gangster Star

When I listen to ‘When Cats Claw’, it often makes me think of Steve Coogan in The Day Today saying “Am I cool? Is this cool? Cool, am I?”

Also, I’ve been stealing the stuttering snares from ‘Shine A Light’ a lot lately


brb getting some toast to go with this absolute jam