What are you listening to right now?


Absolutely love that album. It’s my favourite of theirs. I saw them at The Forum when they toured that album in 1996. The best time I saw them live too.


just came in here to say ’ i just remembered how much i love ELO’ and you’re all at it already

got Face the Music on.


Time is immense. 21st Century Man is proper proto Grandaddy



Plus the lyric;
“One day you’re a hero
Next day you’re a clown
There’s nothing that is in between
Now you’re a 21st century man”

Is one of the most relatable and prophetic lyrics I’ve ever experienced



another banger


Indeed, ages ago when I used to DJ I did a Tuesday night club where I’d play a 4-5 hour set that was like a chronological history of dance music beginning in the 40s and going up to the present day (early 2000s as it was then). I always used the intro to Ticket to the Moon to segue between the 70s & 80s …usually dropping into D-Train’s ‘you’re the one for me’



saicobab. yoshimi’s the singer



anyone who doesn’t sing like this is wasting my time


Colleen - A Flame My Love, A Frequency

This is quite different to the Colleen I remember listening to as a teenager, listening to the Four Tet similar artists station on Last.fm (Last.fm was so good once upon a time); but this album is growing on me bit by bit. Early listens, I found it pleasant enough but all the minimal synth arpeggios kind of blended with one another – but I’m finding those little nuances (that I can’t articulate quite what they are because I’m dumb and music is amazing) starting to show themselves this time round.

Lesson: give records time, maaaaaan



the pairing of the tall, swaying summer grass in the video with this track breaks my heart








sometimes there’s no poison like a dream :cry::cry:


Half of it is shit. The other half is actually pretty good though.


I think Sonic Nurse and Murray Street are incredible albums, wish they’d continued on in that vein


Sometimes I think I love Thou’s covers more than their own stuff.