What are you listening to right now?


same probably, the one they did of the chain by fleetwood mac, think maybe with the body? that was BANANAS.


The Hookworms LP, Microsoft. Enjoying it a lot.


Think that was Brian Eno


My mistake, sorry Drowned In Sound.




what a great song


Currently deciding which old 45s go into my DJ box for this evening. I’m at a pub that wants sixties music - obscure and well known.


Really need to pick that up on 12".



Got Murray Street on now. I’d listened to it at some point last year and it didn’t really gel with me as much as it had back when I was a teenager. Right now though, it’s so good. Weird how that happens.




pretty solid Can cover, this


Just heard that Paint Fumes are coming to the UK later in the year!


Can’t get enough of this for some reason, real laidback earworm.



this is pretty swell


listening to this kind of thing

and finding it really cathartic. got years of repressed emotions here, reckon it couldve been avoided if i was more into metal


just listening to this ep and nothing else this week. trying to speed my metabolism up.