What are you listening to right now?


Just came across the H.C Mcentire album. I am aware of her from the Angel Olsen connection, I should check out Mount Moriah now!

Anyway, bit of nice americana/country twang for you


Never heard of these guys but they sound relevant to my interests


Early Money Mark was so god damn funky, that Brand New Tomorrow album was such a middle of the road let down


love this bedwetter shit





that voice, though


ooh, so these guys are good?

I like it a lot. bit like Oneida, this one.


Listening to Julia Holter’s new single for that Adult Swim thing again. So good.


Been listening to the microphones a lot at work for some reason.


what are your favourite Mics songs, DB?

you heard the new Mount Eerie song yet?


Can’t remember all the names lol but I felt yr shape was on a mixtape that someone I loved made me and I must have listened to it thousands of times over the years.


aw :slight_smile:

yeah. definitely one of those little songs that takes on the texture and feeling of times and places in your own life really easily

‘The Moon’ reminds me of lots of things from my life. I listened to them loads in Huddersfield at uni, and that one was like my life in a lot of ways (Emley Moor Transmitting Station is like that radio tower). so that’s my favourite. bit obvious? idk.

this is so good


Elverum is someone I consider myself to be a big fan of ^, but who also has a back catalogue that is intimidatingly huge to the point that I keep losing where I am with him (I consider Clear Moon and Ocean Roar to be new albums, in my head)

^ despite my not being overly familiar with the full extent of his output, he’s still one of the key influences on my own music (the whole homemade music with ambitions beyond sounding homemade, etc.)


was pretty bad when i saw him live one time but this is great


Hoping Kranky bung this one up on their Bandcamp at some point


proper sad these lads turned out to be nazis.



Played this 5 times in a row last night, just so damn pretty. Should I check out more Tori?