What are you looking forward to, friends?


Fixture list for next season is out tomorrow morning
Seeing my niece, nephew and other family members on Saturday
The Roots at Jazz Cafe in a few weeks



Seeing my nieces and nephew (and their parents and grandparents) on Sunday
Got some good gigs coming up, already excited about Thundercat in November
Off to get my nails did in a few minutes and gonna get an overpriced hot beverage after


On Thursday I’m driving up to Scotland via an overnight stay in the Lake District. On Saturday/Sunday I’m playing in a Netrunner tournament, then we’re off on a road trip around Scotland that loops back through Glasgow so I can meet my three week old niece next weekend.

Also the cupcake I’m about to grab from the office kitchen.


Helping out a few top section bands this weekend (Friday afternoon then a proms thing Saturday night), which will be nice. Lots of rehearsal this week will keep me busy.

Parents are away for a week so I’ve got the house to myself. Got nothing to do to properly make the most of it so I’ll just watch films.

Next weekend we’re off for a band thing in Scarborough. Four gigs over the weekend and we’re staying in a hotel, should be grand.


Sweden and Italy
Tom Petty
Blink 182
Building garden decking

all of this is happening in the next month-and-a-half :slight_smile:


My eyes no longer burning from hayfever


Ideal for looking forward to a thing!


Where @ m8?


Buying a house
My best mate’s over from Oz for a few weeks early August
2nd wedding anniversary


first 200km ride on Sunday
DiS Bike Dorks on tour next weekend
Dunwich Dynamo
Why? later this evening


O2. AAA pass :ooooo


45mins until hometime


Sex tonight, holiday to St Lucia in two and a half weeks. That’s about it for now.


Straight baller


going to try and subtly become lifelong pals with Mark


and Matt.


that is all.


Nintendo E3 presentation at 5pm
Playing Zelda when I get home
Little brother’s coming to stay with me for a week so hanging out with him
Stag and wedding of a mate from home
Various gigs and festivals
Travelling around Peru and Bolivia in September
The Last Jedi

  • Prophets Of Rage at Brixton Academy tonight :fist:
  • Curry with my football team tomorrow night :curry:
  • Friend visiting from Hong Kong at the weekend :beers:
  • Berlin for TV’s birthday at the end of the month :airplane:

Nearer term, looking forward to cycling home from work as it looks like being a lovely evening for it :bicyclist:

Even nearer term, think I’m going to go get a coffee right now…



Jam donut when I get in about 7ish