What are you looking forward to, friends?

I know! There was a big blue flash, the circuit tripped and the burglar alarm went off.

My goodness! (The fuse went in our kettle some months back, I just got one from Argos)

you can change fuses you know

Why did you not just get a new fuse?

England vs Pakistan :cricket:

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EDIT: This goes for you as well Timothy

Just to let you know, friend, that I’m currently on Antichrist Superstar in my 1001 albums list, specifically Angel With The Scabbed Wings, and this gif just synced up absolutely beautifully with the vocals.

A real high point of my day. So far. I mean who knows what gifs are yet to come.

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At the moment any excitement I should have is being canceled out by a constant feeling of dread :confounded:. It’s very annoying and I would like it to stop now.

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big poo

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I hear that! I’m brewin’ one up now as well.

Sup, @Witches?

Sorry to hear that, hang in there pal :slight_smile:

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I’m broke because i’ve been very silly over the first half of the month, so looking forward to 2 weeks of chastity, sobriety and plain pasta for tea.

Oh god, it sounded a lot more dramatic than I meant it to. Haha, I’m fine… just a bit dready, that’s all. Don’t we all get that impending sense of doom thing sometimes?

Very much so, I started this thread to try and combat it in fact…

Haha aw, sorry for bringing it up again then :grin:


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I’ve got lots to look forward to really, I just hate that I never seem to want to do any of the fun things I have planned until I’m actually doing them and then I’m like “This is the best thing EVER”. Just need to have a cup of tea and stop being such a negative Nancy.

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Same, dread things that I love doing until I’m actually doing them.

Which meat is this? Way up north?