What are you playing now (Gaming)

Is there a thread for this?

I always dipped into gaming and gave up quickly but lockdown 1 changed all of that for me. Thanks (can you give thanks for 2020) to lockdown 1 I knuckled down and got through Dark Souls and Bloodborne, then Dark Souls 2 and Sekiro.

Despite the above paragraph, thread is not From games specific at all. This said I am lost with no new From stuff and have spent Sunday pushing into Demon’s Souls on my old PS3 - and it is GLORIOUS (despite them turning the online functionality off). Can’t wait to see more and get a PS5 when the time is right and check out the remaster.

What Choo Playing?

This is the thread

Glad you got into it more too. Really suggest that you buy The Return of the Obra Dinn.