What are you procrastinating about?

I mean, apart from everything, ever

  1. I have so much work to do that I’m freaking out so instead I’m doing my expenses

  2. My flat is way too cold and way too small but whilst I could just move…thats a lot of effort isn’t it :woman_shrugging:

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  1. Need to make decisions on paint colours and stuff for redecorating and I don’t want to in case I get it wrong

  2. Chasing up my lawyer (I have a lawyer now) about my Dutch citizenship stuff

Applying to go on Countdown

.+ I do pretty well against the contestants who are on each day

. - I will probably make a tit of myself on national TV


got a lot of decorating to do as the people who lived here before me had fucking mad taste. cba though, might just learn to live with a purple and mustard colour scheme

Post for this thread i need to fi

Do it!

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not that much actually, probably for the first time in my life!

Let us decide

Well done what’s your secret

Literally just a bunch of different not quite brown/greys to match the existing beige tiles that I don’t like.

  1. Work
  2. Updating my CV
  3. Getting a new job
  4. Buying a new record player stand thing
  5. Admitting that the house needs fully re-decorating and would be better than living in what feels like someone elses house for the last year

Everything. I dont even want to say as I’m suppressing my anxiety and writing down what I have to do is too much acknowledgement

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My team (well there is now only one after earlier redundancies) has been furloughed again and I have to do his Friday stuff. Can’t be naffed.

However i have just put up some outdoor Christmas lights. First time we have ever had any.

Last year’s tax return
Seminar readings
Learning guitar parts

Basically anything I do that isn’t sitting around.

  1. Shit loads of laundry/tidying my side of the bedroom
  2. Working on a writing project for ‘fun’
  3. Admin stuff related to registrars, snooze, cba, need to dig out my birth certificate even though I’ve clearly been born so???

Fuck sake, I need to order one of these from the Scottish registrar but it’s all a mess because of Covid and cbaaaaaaa

Organising my music and pictures in cloud storage. Live in constant fear that a laptop will break or I’ll lose my phone but I just C. B. A.

  • selling the flat and moving
  • loads of work

years of therapy tbh and i wouldn’t count my chickens it’s only been going on a couple of weeks and coincidentally my wife just interrupted me writing this to hassle me about something i haven’t done (forgot tho tbf so i dont think that counts)

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Work enormoproject #1
Work enormoproject #2