What are you proud of?







A blog post I wrote yesterday has received at least four positive comments on that Twitter.


On Friday I said I was just off “to powder my cock”. Got a couple of laughs.

I don’t need much more than that.


A deck list I won a penoid tournament with at the weekend is currently the second most popular* list on the site for these things.

*because the world championships are this week and everybody’s keeping their decks to themselves



First ever pumpkin carving.


My latest pedalboard configuration


All of you


renaming the cycling thread and getting away with it.

fuk da poliz :-1: :cop:


do you tell the other penoids you’re going to fucking deck them?


My country


That could work but only in specific circumstances, because “decking someone” also means making them run out of cards in their deck. A few deck types try to win that way, but not many, so it could be confusing.

Haha I made you learn something about card games.




That’s a dog, mate.


It’s an allegory.


Pretty sure it’s a bulldog, actually.


I was going to add a caveat to that post, warning Theo not to make the obvious joke.

I hope you’re proud of yourself.


Still on a high from my fake plastic cheese gag, tbh.


Would it make you feel better to know that had the site not been fucking around, I’d have made that pun too?