What are you putting into your face

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I don’t fucking know, do I.

yeah dunno how i fucked that up

meant to be today but it’s too complicated for me

always forget to eat when i wfh

will probably have some kind of bread dish

Had the worst lunch in the work canteen, pulled beef that tasted of vinegar and horseradish, had a picnic bar to make up for it (arguably the best standard chocolate bar). Seems to be a diet 7up shortage had to go to 4 shops before finding some

beans + toast?

dunno why but pulled beef just doesn’t sound right


Is this a lunch thread?

:hotdog: plus salted caramel and apple cake

I chucked my oreos in the bin because I couldn’t be trusted with them. Will probably fish them out in a bit.

REAL ANSWER! I might make myself a bacon and avocado sandwitches

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just enjoying some humbugs and a cuppa

2 rounds of sarnies here - ham, cheddar, bit of salad, cherry toms, mayo and dijon on Hovis Granary

decent - but 2 rounds was a bit greedy

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Sheep shaped humbugs, Baa humbugs.



I’m opening up wide for some SOCCER, but also:

1 x veggie sushi supermarket thing
1 x salt and vinegar mccoys
1 x banana
1 x passion fruit and mango yog
1 x 3 x pieces of reese

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but also if you’re having any snacks or carrying things without your hands feel free to write about it here

Chicken burger with corn relish, onion rings on the side.

It was fine. No East Anglian baked potatoes were available today.

steak bake

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