What are you reading?


Hey guys! I don’t THINK there’s a reading thread (sozzard if there is). I just bought myself a kindle because why the hell not, knowledge is power etc.
Anyway, what you guys reading?

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Rereading Blood Meridian. Christ it’s bleak


Building Stories. It’s one of the most impressive bits of art I’ve ever seen tbh

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I recently read Child of God - one of the few McCarthy books I hadn’t read before (now that’s bleak). After finishing I thought I’d revisit Blood Meridian. I’ve got about 100 pages in, and I need a little rest.


Just started part three of Gravity’s Rainbow. Really enjoying this second read, and got a buncha stuff to look forward to reading after that

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Reckon his work would be better if it was smaller and less detailed


Just finished capitalist realism by Mark Fisher which I didn’t like, now reading a taschen basic book on Mucha

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Child of God is full on :anguished:


I think the scope and the level of detail are two of the best and most important things about ware’s stuff :man_shrugging:

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@Isa - it’s the Book of The Year 2019 thread.

I’m reading Jazz by Toni Morrison to see if I like it any more second time round. I feel like I’m having to work really hard for it.


Only read it once, about 10yrs ago. No desire to go back to it

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Yeah I was semi joking, I do think he makes it too much hard work to read though, can’t even fit his stuff on a bookshelf, wish he would do something in jimmy corrigan format again


Small Gods by terry pratchett, nicked it from an airbnb



I like it so far but the writing style can be quite hard going.


The Little Drummer Girl by JohnLe Carre. Also dipping in and out Trans-Europe Express by Owen Hatherley.


Rusty Brown is out in September I think, and I think it’s in normal size book form. Got monograph for my brother for Christmas and it’s absolutely beautiful but also the size and weight of a tabletop

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Finished reading The Passage trilogy yesterday. It was a definite page-turner and I’m a sucker for post apocalyptic stuff, but all the ‘spiritual’ shit did my head in.

Gonna start reading DiS favourite We Have Always Lived in the Castle tonight and got the old War and Peace challenge on the go too.

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I’m reading a wikipedia article on forensic linguistics

which isn’t a book, but I am looking to get some books on linguistics

haven’t read any fiction for ages because of how I’ve been feeling, but I kind of wanna start either of the aforementioned Cormac McCarthy books ^. got four or five that I never started or finished when I bought most of his books years ago.

@ttf I’ve been curious about Fisher for a minute; why didn’t you like that book?


That’s one of my favourite Discworlds. Definitely an early “wow books are cool” book for me



Is wicked

Want to read Jackson’s earlier stuff at some point. Maybe the short stories?

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