What are you supposed to do if you're sending a present to someone by post

don’t think I’ve ever seen a parcel wrapped in wrapping paper

Step to the rhythm made out of brown paper


put the wrapped gift in a (padded) envelope or box

do you really need to ask this


Just imagining an address written on a dvd case now :joy:


Do I have to print off a label from the royal mail website before I take it to the post office to send? Or can I just put my own label on and say to them can I send that first class please

didn’t you hear? you don’t need any sort of label or stamps any more.

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You can print your own label or write it on. I think you can pay for the postage online and then print off the postage bit and tape that down onto the packaging if you like?

They have those self-service machines now but basically just take your parcel all addressed to the queue and let the person at the Post Office guide you through the process with questions. At the risk of getting told off by DOTS again: Fucksake man, how is this a new procedure to you? :smiley:

don’t respond to him theo, he’s having you on

have you ever posted a letter

Different for parcels though they always act like it’s a huge operation

do they?

or just use wrapping paper like cheapo Balonz

rushes in


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Wrap it in a bowl of rice


just write the address on the fucking parcel btw

Hope everyone here realises they’re helping barelysugar send his mate an ounce of hash. Make sure it’s in one of those no-smell ziplock numbers and they’ll have no clue, you’ll be laughing.

Why the fuck do staff at the post office insist on talking as quietly as possible? There’s a fucking sheet of glass between us. SPEAK UP

Smash the glass.