What are you trying atm

I’m trying the Wim Hof method (breathing and cold showers) and it’s alright so far yeah, early days but it feels good.

I’ll try anything to give my life some meaning, hbu?


My wife’s patience.


Trying to toilet train my second child. First was a piece of cake by comparison, this one holds it in until she gets off the potty so she can pee on the floor and then jump in the puddles.




My boss was banging on about Wim Hof about a year ago. What’s it meant to do, chill you out?

Yeah plus increase willpower, weightloss etc

Trying to cut down on phone screen time, and it’s going ok, thanks!




Ah, that’s why it sounded familiar!


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Trying to learn chess. If anyone knows any good resources please ding them over to me.

Being decisive … I think


me too but i started a couple of months ago
i started by reading some beginning, midgame and endgame principles articles online, e.g.:



and then just playing regular games on chess.com and looking at the move by move analyses they provide afterwards (i mostly play 10 minute games but longer games are obv better for learning deep strategy, shorter ones are more about thinking fast and managing time etc.)

there are also lots of good chess videos on youtube too but i’ve not been watching them much, probably should and also start to learn some openings if i wanna keep getting better. think learning the principles is the best starting point though

and if you’re playing against total beginners then learning scholar’s mate is a good way to mug them off and get checkmate in four moves

Fennel gratin.

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To be heroic in an age of modernity


Really like this tbh, think it’s a good strategy. My issue is when I have say two options (which pedal to buy, which shirt etc), I then don’t commit and don’t get anything

But for other more binary choices I might try to follow your lead

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I like wim… I did practice some of that special holding your breath stuff and enjoyed it.

Tried cold showers too…started normal and gradually lowered heat…there is BIG difference between Luke warm just off cold and FULL cold…could stand about 10 seconds of it.

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Euthemol toothpaste. Got seduced by the packaging and then the weird deep heat flavour in the mouth. And somebody said my teeth looked whiter the other day. Think I’m fully on the Euthemol train now.

This is not a sponsored post

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This sounds right up my street

Might give this a go!

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