What are you wearing RIGHT NOW?


black t - primark £2
black jean short things - unknown
white pants - pringle 2 for £12 tk maxx
green socks - 8 pairs of assorted colours primark £4

nuttin else

Got exactly £4.60 in my wallet

black t was £2.50, thinking about it. sorry


shit ballet pumps for work
black leggings
grey/white striped tunic thing from h&m

underwear, dunno what or where from

when i leave work i’ll put on a yellow mac (fat face) and yellow boots (DMs)


H&M shirt with this pattern:

Asos white t-shirt with grey collar and sleeves
Black Lees jeans
Red and grey socks
I assume pants of some description
Grey and white Converse


black skinny jeans - asdas, £12
dark grey camisole - primark, £2.50
beige bra - bravissimo, £32
black padded/support ankle socks - primark, 3 for £2.50
black knickers - sainsbury’s (fancy!) - £gift from me mam

and a hoody because i’m freezing


Black dress (v. casual)
Black tights (thick cotton ones)
Red cardigan
Red and white stripey socks


haha just realised basically my entire outfit is from vintage shops:

brown and white striped shirt: vintage, ~£15
blue 501s: vintage, £10
brown belt: topman, £4?
Brown boots: vintage: ~£20
checks pants
blue cotton boxers: dunno, £likely xmas present
blue socks: M&S, £can’t remember


Kin by John Lewis Shirt (below) - £35
Topman black jeans - £30
Clarks desert boots - £95


fucking hell. is that the going rate for a bra? jeeeeesus


if you’re over a g cup, yeah
that’s the cheaper end, too.


yeah mate being stacked is fucking expensive


thought a bra would be 4 or 5 quid to be honest


Think I’m wearing what is essentially the Tesco Value version of that shirt.


johnny foreigner t-shirt, orange
uniqlo jeans, dark blue

seem to be wearing lots of orange recently, not sure why


£35 is a lot for a shirt.




Germany 1990 World Cup home shirt - Adidas £26
Pair of jeans - GAP £30
Pair of trainers - Adidas £30




*a skip


most shops do them for under about £12. branded ones usually between £20 and £40 on the high street. larger cups £28-65.