What are you wearing to bed these days (an 'it's got a bit cold hasn't it' audit)

  • Nothing
  • Pants/knickers/boxers
  • Pants/knickers/boxers and a t shirt
  • PJ bots
  • PJ bots and a t shirt
  • More (maybe some sort of jumper too?)
  • Onesie
  • Other

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  • Obviously not
  • I am a deviant

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Still opening the window at night.


because of the smell?


I’m going to choose to not answer that question.


Is this the “imagine Epimer naked” thread?


socks will get kicked off once i’ve been in bed for five minutes


It’s one of them, yeah

I have to wear socks when it’s really cold because I’ve got appalling circulation and my feet cramp up when they get too cold. Bloody painful.

T shirt wearers

  • Any t shirt from the normal rotation
  • Particular t shirts for sleeping

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T shirt wearers

  • Tucked in
  • Loose and free which gets a bit annoying when you roll over in the night unless it’s a super tight t-shirt

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Not 100%* relevant (yeah I’m talking about my kittens, so what?) but discovered today that the kittens have decided that at night they are going to sleep under our bed in the accumulated dust covered crap we have down there.

*Maybe 8%

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Now I’m imagining thewarn naked too

That is significantly less than 100% relevant


Yeah, too cold to get into bed sockless, need to get a bit of warmth in there first before you can expose your toes.

Been struggling not to for years now.


other; cracked out the long johns at the weekend so its these and a long sleeve t-shirt now the temp has gone arctic.

We used to sleep naked but the boy comes into our bed most nights and being naked would be very odd indeed.

Relevance: 79%

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Genuinely think a bit less of people who need to get all togged up to sleep.

I realise this is absurd.


The one I had on that day