What are you wearing to bed these days (an 'it's got a bit cold hasn't it' audit)

I can’t stand socked feet in bed. Really freaks me out. Luckily now we have our massive bed A can sock up and I don’t have to worry about being touched by her socked feet


Im an evening showerer, so obviously I’m not putting the days t shirt back on. Tend to pick one on a Monday and that’ll live by the bed for the next few nights as a pyjama shirt, before being replaced when it starts to hum.



I do lots of sports of an evening, lonzy, its the only way

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Would you happen to have any photos of yourself having an evening shower?

I have to slyly tuck it in just before sleeping because if I walk about with it tucked in apparently I look like “a fucking idiot”.


For a small fee

Clive bought a new duvet recently. It’s like being inside a sauna.

People who don’t wear socks to bed are morons. The benefits clearly outweigh the positives.

I put clean socks on for bed, so there are literally no downsides.


evening showerer, evening SHOWERER


Unless you’re the sort of person who is more likely to be too hot than too cold in bed.

I love bed socks.

I’ve busted out the long hot water bottle and have it in between us in bed. It’s a dream.

Evening showers are good things imo

Kicking socks off if you get warm’s the best bit of the night (after all the shagging, obviously).

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It’s the absence of a morning shower that gives me the boak.

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Central heating on in the bedroom

  • Yes
  • No

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Or the feeling of a socked foot touching your leg in bad makes you squirm to a frankly ridiculous degree. Feel a little bit weird thinking about it. Hate it so, so much

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We’ve discovered my cat is tissue hunter. Comes in every morning hunting for tissue to rip apart and eat.

That cat is bedroom banned!

Nobody is showering in the evening AND the morning, be real

not disputing that. i’m an evening showerer/bather too. I feel tired if I have a shower or bath in the morning.

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